About Me

I could tell you that I was raised by wolves and that I wrestled my first camera from a hunter, before being reunited with the Overdrive family. It would be a good story, but the only part that would be true is that my last name is Overdrive.

My work captures the raw emotion of a moment which draws the viewer into that world. I romanticise unguarded moments showing a warmth that is both idyllic and delicate, and compose cinematic images balancing serenity with unspoken tension. This conceptual approach embodies both my background as a forensic analyst and my appreciation of wabi-sabi (the Japanese philosophy finding elegance in transience, asperity and asymmetry). I am based in east London and travel worldwide.

Fascinated by contrast and the role of colour in visual storytelling, I am as enthralled by Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge! as I am by Park Chan-Wook's The Handmaiden.

Al Overdrive self portrait

Selected Clients

Sky TV, HMV, Adidas, ASOS, Bacardi, BAFTA, Carhartt WiP, Addison-Lee, Secret Cinema, Shaadi, City of London, Figleaves, Sophie Hulme Collection, BrewDog, Kreepsville 666, Tim Bret-Day, The Royal College of Art, The BBC, Professional Photo Magazine, Director Magazine, Ninja Tune, Total Tattoo, The Business Times (Singapore), Kerrang!, The Quietus, Conde Nast Traveller, Easy Living, Glamour, House & Garden, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Vogue Arabia.


2014 Fashion Award, Judged by ‘Tokyo Laundry’ (1st)
2012 / 2011 / 2010 UK Tattoo Industry ‘Best Photographer’ (1st)
2011 Royal Photographic Society Biennial Showcase Award
2011 Worldwide Photography Gala Awards: The Beauty Around Us
2011 ‘Digital Photo Mag’ Portrait Photographer of the Year (Honours)
2011 Royal Academy of Arts ‘Eyewitness’ (Honours)
2009 Digital Camera ‘Photographer of the Year’ (1st) : This is Britain


‘Stopjectify’ Exhibition ; ‘Gender in Utero’ collaboration
‘inHouse Fashion Festival’ presents ; ‘Gender in Utero’ collaboration between Al Overdrive & Anastasia Niedinger
Riflemaker presents ‘Grand Eagle Hotel 1927’ (Group Exhibition)
‘Royal Photographic Society Biennial Print Exhibition 2011-2012’ (@various locations)
‘Pens and Needles’ (@London Mile Gallery)
‘My body is a canvas’ (@ the Mean Fiddler),
Permanent Display(@ the Fighting Cocks)
Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009 (@Mall Gallery)